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Troy Lee Designs

adidas Five Ten is launching a collaboration with Troy Lee Designs to bring you an exclusive collection of high-performance mountain bike footwear made for anywhere you ride, from mountain trails to slick city streets.

All Mountain

Shoes for people that are just as happy going up the trail as they are going down. They are typically a bit lighter but offer protection where it is need for on trail obstacles. They are happiest on all day missions whether that means you are on the bike all day or hanging out with friends as well.


Built for bike parks, shuttle laps, DH or Enduro racing, high fives, and the pure enjoyment you get from going downhill on a bike. These shoes typically have a bit more protection and are built to take all sorts of abuse on and off the bike.


These shoes are as happy at the local coffee shop, brew pub, or office as they are on the trail. Truly bringing the mountain to the streets. Typically less protection than other bike shoes but long lasting and comfortable on or off the bike.