NANCY BOUCHARD • Nov 18, 2018

Rock and Ice honors Five Ten’s Anasazi Pro with “Best in Gear” Award

"We found the smearing capability of these shoes to be superlative." R&I

Rock and Ice Best In Gear Awards are a BIG deal and we are proud to announce that the Five Ten Anasazi Pro is a BIG winner for 2018. Rock and Ice is one of the world’s most trusted sources on gear. Testers consider hundreds of new designs; each item gets a minimum of 50 days or 50 climbs. Then, at the end of the season, the editors pour over notes and pick the most outstanding innovations for the coveted Best in Gear award.

“We test a lot of equipment, and a few pieces rise above all others for their innovation, exceptional value and extraordinary performance,” says Duane Raleigh, editor-in-chief and publisher of Rock and Ice. “The Five Ten Anasazi Pro checks all of those boxes and more." The review will run in the December issue of Rock and Ice.

“…We found the smearing capability of these shoes to be superlative. And comfort? Wiggle in, layer the mesh tongues, fasten the Velcro straps, and your feet are in fit heaven,” writes Michael Levy about the Anasazi Pro. The Five Ten Anasazi Pro is unique in that combines Five Ten’s beloved Anasazi fit with the genius of thin, super-friction Stealth® MI6™ toe cap.



“We designed a shoe with Five Ten’s legendary fit and performance, that addresses the needs of climbers who require 360-degrees of friction for steep, technical climbs and boulders,” says Dave Kassel, Five Ten’s PM for Climbing and Outdoor. “The pitfall of a full-coverage toe cap is that it can add weight and pressure. We solved this with the textured Stealth® MI6™ toe cover—it’s thin, so there’s no comfort or weight ding, and the performance advantage is significant. It’s our softest compound with the highest cushioning, nothing beats it for friction in low-weight conditions.”  Anasazi Pro’s Stealth® C4™ soles are the industry standard for high-friction rubber. Unlined synthetic uppers adapt to each individual foot shape and a low-volume heel promotes precision hooking.

Stay tuned for more on Rock and Ice's BIG coverage of the Five Ten Anasazi Pro