Sunny Stroeer
Sunny Stroeer
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Sunny Stroeer

Born: June 7th, 1985
Hometown: Limburg, Germany
Living: On the Road, USA
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 158 lbs
Began Focus: 2011

I am a free spirit and adventurer, having discovered both trail running and climbing in my mid-twenties while being an MBA student at Harvard Business School. I posed as a hardcharging strategy consultant for the first few years out of business school but turned my back on material possessions and a conventional career shortly after my 30th birthday. I have been on the road to run and climb full-time ever since. 

My overarching passion is to be active and push my limits in the side- and backcountry, spanning a multitude of sports: ultra running, climbing (mainly big walls) and non-technical big mountain ascents as well as good old everyday adventures - ideally in the desert or the high country. Show me a place of beauty and solitude, throw in a bit of physical challenge, good company, and you can be sure that I’ll be excited to give it a go.


Aconcagua basecamp-to-summit female speed record, Argentina, Jan 2017. 8h47

Spaceshot 5.7 C2 IV, Zion National Park, May 2016.  Solo.

Bandera USATF 100KM Trail Championships, Jan 2016. 12h50, 9th placed female in the championship race.

Ironman 140.6 Zurich, Switzerland, July 2015.  Finisher.

Aconcagua (22841ft), Argentina, Dec 2014.  Solo and unsupported.

Ghosts of Yellowstone 100M, Aug 2014. 38h55, 3rd placed female.

Western States 100M, June 2013. Finisher.

Lean Horse 100M, Aug 2012. 23h52, 6th placed female.