Nina Williams
Nina Williams

Nina Williams

Born: August 21, 1990
Hometown: Pawtucket, RI
Living: Boulder, CO
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 120 lbs
Began Climbing: 2002

Nina began climbing in New Hampshire in 2002 and later joined a team in Rhode Island. She balanced school, training, and competing with outdoor climbing all around New England before moving to Colorado in 2010.

She has spent the past four years competing and getting outdoors as much as possible, spending extended amounts of time in areas such as Hueco Tanks, Joe’s Valley, South Africa, Australia, and Switzerland. She has climbed 5.13 and multiple V12's, 11's, and 10's.When she’s not climbing, Nina coaches Team ABC in the athletically driven town of Boulder, CO.

She works with adidas Outdoor In conjunction with College Outside, reaching out to students through clinics and events. In her spare time she enjoys being with with friends, her boyfriend, and her hedgehog Frankie.


2014 Di'Namik Championships - 3rd place

2014 Hueco Rock Rodeo - 3rd place

2013 Dogpatch Finals - 1stΒ place

2013 Portland Boulder Rally - 3rd place

2013 Parkour Jam - 3rd place

2013 Psychedelia - 4th place

2013 ABS Nationals - 8th place

Element of Surprise (V12) in RMNP, CO

Tea With Elmarie (V12) in South Africa

Ampitheatre (V11/12) in South Africa

FFA of Staircase to Nowhere in Colorado

Several V11's including Pendragon, Pandemonium, and Shallow Cave (all in South Africa)

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