Mayan Smith-Gobat
Mayan Smith-Gobat

Mayan Smith-Gobat

Born: October 3, 1979
Hometown: Christchurch, NZ
Living: The World... My address is in Germany though
Height: 5'5"
Began Climbing: 1996

Mayan grew up in the NZ mountains with a strong affinity to nature, she began Alpine climbing at age 16, yet quickly shifted her focus to the physical challenges of rock climbing. After finishing school she took up professional skiing for several years, until an accident caused her focus to return to her true passion - Rock climbing. Since 2001 Mayan has dedicated herself to climbing, both in competition climbing and outdoors, quickly becoming one of NZ's best climbers and the first Kiwi woman to climb 5.14b/8c. Her focus soon shifted from bouldering and competition to excel in traditional climbing and free-climbing big walls.

Now Mayan is best known for for achievements in Yosemite Valley, where she became the second woman to free climb the Salathe Wall 5.13b/8a+ (1000m) and brought the female speed record on the Nose (1000m) down to 4.43 hours. Now, Mayan's main motivation combines travel and culture with her love to push her limits in the vertical world - exploring remote places and developing new routes.


Female Speed record on the Nose. El Capitan 3000Ft

Place of Happiness 5.12c/d, 2700Ft Wall in Brazil.

First Female ascent of Punks in the Gym 5.14a, Australia (1st 5.14a in the World).

Free ascent of the Salathe Wall 5.13b, El Capitan 3000Ft. Second female ascent.

First female ascent of L'Arcademicien 5.14b, Ceuse, France.