Kyle Vassilopoulos
Kyle Vassilopoulos

Kyle Vassilopoulos

Born: September 21, 1981
Hometown: Burnsville, MN
Living: Lander, WY
Height: 5'9"
Began Climbing: 1992

Kyle Vassilopoulos is a all around climber, guide book author, and route developer who has been climbing for 22 years. He has traveled the globe in search of adventures and challenges within many aspects of climbing. Over the years he has contributed to the development of many new crags having established well over 200 new routes and first ascents in North America. He is currently based out of Lander, WY a quiet mecca for american sport climbing, bouldering, alpine climbing, and ice climbing.


Drifting Upside Down 14c, First Ascent

Traveling Menagerie 14b, First Ascent

High Ground 14b, First Ascent

Big Bad Wolf 14a, First Ascent

Boy with the Broken Halo 14a, First Ascent

Mitosis 14a, First Ascent

War Cry V12, First Ascent

Vanilla Gorilla V11, First Ascent

House of Flying Daggers M12/13, First Ascent

Inglorious Bastards M12

Come and Get It WI 7, M7 R

Cryophobia M9+, 400m, clean flash ascent

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