Juliana Korver
Juliana Korver
Athletes: Grassroots

Juliana Korver

Born: January 1st, 1971
Hometown: Rockford, Iowa
Living: San Diego, CA
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 135lbs
Began Focus: 1992

I am a flying disc sports athlete.  My career started in 1992 when I played my first round of disc golf.  In 1995 I won the PDGA Amateur World Championships.  In the late 1990s thru the mid-2000s, I won five professional division disc golf world championships as well as the Gold Medal for flying disc at the 2001 World Games, and hundreds of other disc golf tournaments. In 2008 I was inducted into the PDGA Hall of Fame.  In 2014, I started training for the World Flying Disc Federation (WFDF) Overall event. This is the heptathlon of flying disc sports, incorporating seven different unique events. Five of the events are individual (disc golf, distance, accuracy, discathon, and self caught flight) and two are pairs events (double disc court and freestyle). In the two years since embarking on this endeavor, I have won both of the overall world championship titles.  My specific focus for 2015 was Double Disc Court (DDC).  My partner and I won the DDC World Championship title in 2015.  My new focus for 2016 is Freestyle.  I will be competing in my first Freestyle Players Association World Championships in August of 2016.


2016 WFDF world distance record holder for women 45 and over

2015 WFDF World Overall Champion

2014 US Open Champion (World Overall Champion)

2010 Inducted into the Iowa Disc Golf Hall of Fame

2008 Inducted into the PDGA Disc Golf Hall of Fame

5 time Women's PDGA Player of the Year

2001 Gold Medalist at the World Games in Akita, Japan

2001 only woman to “cash” against the men in a men's PDGA Major

2001 50th out of 123 at the US Disc Golf Championships (only female competing)

2000 37th out of 82 at the US Disc Golf Championships (only woman competing in this men's major event)

From '98 through 2001, won 106 of the 112 disc golf events entered in the Pro Women's division

1999 Women's National Champion

1998 – 2001 & 2003 PDGA Women's World Champion