Daniel Beall
Daniel Beall
Athletes: Grassroots

Daniel Beall

Born: April 14th, 1989
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Living: San Diego, CA
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 135lbs
Began Climbing: 2004

I was introduced to climbing by my father my freshman year of high school. My initial fear of heights and general lack of athleticism made rock climbing a little daunting, but something about it had me hooked. For a decade since, the glory of the great outdoors and the deep camaraderie that the climbing community fosters has kept me coming back year after year. Over time, hard beautiful lines and challenging competitions have inspired me to develop a relentless training regimen and the stubborn personality that I've relied on for my greatest successes. My style and sense of aesthetic has been largely influenced by the Buttermilks of Bishop CA. I thrive on technical crimp climbs and I’m often drawn to taller lines. Despite years of effort, I seem to lack much of a talent for competition, but I plan to keep trying. Most of all, I strive to improve and to to push my own ideas of what is possible.


Amandla V14, Rocklands

Olifants Dawn V14, Rocklands

FA of Enigma V15, Buttermilks

FA of Vercingetorix V14, Buttermilks

Pioneering of, breakage and perpetual near failure on The Process V16

FA of Tiers of Uncertainty V12, Buttermilks

FA of Rising From the Shadows V15, Tramway

Terremer V15, Hueco Tanks

FA of Misdirection V14, Buttermilks

FA of Rain Dance V12?, Mt Woodson