Chelsea Rude
Chelsea Rude

Chelsea Rude

Hometown: Gunnison, CO
Living: Boulder, CO
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 108 lbs
Began Climbing: 1998

Chelsea Rude is a professional climber and coach. She coaches a local youth team in Boulder, and was one of the coaches for the US Climbing Team for a few years (2010-2013). In addition she has served on many committees within USA Climbing. She is currently focusing more of her energy on going on to graduate school to become a physician's assistant, but is still holding on tight to sending hard outside. Chelsea is currently ranked top 10 in the world for both sport climbing and bouldering. She has sent multiple 5.14’s and V11's.


Running Scared (V11) - This is in Rocky Mountain National Park. This is one of my hardest boulders I've completed.

Crimping Matters (V10) - Located in Guanella Pass. Just before I sent this, I took a digger off the top and fell down into hole. It hurt.

Double Rainbow (5.14a) - First Female Ascent and my first 5.14 in the notoriously difficult and cryptic climbing area, Rifle

The Quickening (5.13c) - Monastery, Colorado. Second-go.

Encore (5.13c) - Ceuse, France. Onsight.

Kinky Reggae (5.14a) - Clear Creek, Colorado. First Female Ascent.