Chantel Astorga
Chantel Astorga

Chantel Astorga

Born: July 29, 1985
Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT
Height: 5'9"
Began Climbing: 2006

Growing up skiing I was fasinated with ski mountaineering, I started traveling and going on ski expeditions to big remote mountain ranges to pursue my curiousity. This created the desire to gain technical climbing skills. Drawn in by the aesthetics of ice and mixed climbing, it wasn't long before I found myself amongst the big walls of Yosemite. I worked on Yosemite Valley Search and Rescue, Mountain Guiding, and Ski Patrolling to build my skills which eventually led to my dream job as a Highway Avalanche Forecaster. I took a couple of years away from climbing and mountain bike raced to learn how to be an endurance athlete. This time away has inspired me more than ever to follow my dreams of climbing mixed technical lines in the big mountains.


Female Solo Speed Record, Nose, El Cap, Yosemite

NE Buttress, Howse Peak, Canadian Rockies

2nd Ascent Polarchrome, Mount Huntington, Alaska Range

Colton-Leech, Mount Huntington, Alaska Range

First Female Team One Day Link Up Nose, El Cap and Regular Route Half Dome, Yosemite

First Female Solo Mescalito, El Cap, Yosemite